Langhorne Premises Liability Lawyer Takes on Negligent Property Owners

Bucks County lawyer assists victims of slip and fall injuries and other types of incidents

People and businesses that welcome guests onto their property have a legal obligation to address potential hazards. When a property owner violates this duty of care and a guest is injured or killed as a result, that victim can pursue compensation through a premises liability claim. The Law Offices of Paul R. Weber in Langhorne vigorously advocates for plaintiffs in these matters so they can be made whole and defendants are held liable for their carelessness.

Aggressive litigator works to recover substantial compensation for clients

While many people associate premises liability actions with stores and other commercial establishments, these claims can arise in private homes, government property and even on public transportation. Potential dangers exist nearly everywhere, and many of the lawsuits are linked to the following examples of negligence:

  • Hazardous walkways — If you’ve suffered a personal injury after falling on a wet floor, stumbling over an unmarked obstacle or tripping on an unsafe walking surface, our firm is ready to take action in order to secure the payment you deserve.
  • Unaddressed weather conditions — Snow, ice and even rain could create a slick surface if the people and businesses responsible for maintenance are not paying attention. Though no one can control the weather, property owners need to react to conditions that might create a problem.
  • Poor maintenance — A loose handrail, falling object or sidewalk pothole might not seem like a major problem until someone suffers broken bones or another type of injury in a slip and fall incident. Many of these cases turn on whether the defendant was aware, or should have been aware, of the dangerous condition. We know how to gather the relevant evidence in order to prove liability.
  • Inadequate security — Large events and locations with poor lighting might foster criminal activity against innocent patrons. Don’t blame yourself if you’ve been attacked. You might be able to obtain a measure of justice from the parties whose lack of preparation contributed to the attack.
  • Dog bites — Regardless of the breed or size of the animal, dog bites can cause severe injury or even death. If you’ve been hurt by someone else’s pet, we’ll provide effective counsel so you can collect payment for your healthcare costs and any preventative measures you might need to avoid rabies or gangrene.

Though you might not be sure about whether you are entitled to relief in a slip and fall action or some other type of premises liability claim, we can examine the effect your injury has had on your daily activities to assess what type of settlement might be appropriate.

Who can be held liable in a premises liability lawsuit?

Property owners, facility managers, maintenance companies, security firms, tenants and others might be responsible for upholding safety measures at a given location. Typically, premises liability claims are litigated by the defendant’s insurance company. No matter how appealing a quick settlement offer might sound, you need to remember that every insurer’s objective is to pay negligence victims as little as possible. When you have been hurt on someone else’s property, you need the guidance of an experienced Bucks County slip and fall lawyer. Attorney Paul Weber will take on defendants, their lawyers and insurance companies to help you emerge with the compensation you deserve.

Types of personal injury compensation available under Pennsylvania law

If you’ve been hurt and believe that you have a worthwhile premises liability claim, you might believe that you are only entitled to reimbursement for your doctor’s bills and the income you lost while out of work, but Pennsylvania law covers other types of harm associated with falls and other incidents. Some injury victims require extensive rehabilitation, occupational therapy and even home modifications during the recovery process. Unless you seek counsel from a qualified lawyer, you could make a costly error by overlooking those expenses. State law also authorizes awards for non-economic damages, such as the loss of enjoyment resulting from the injury, the humiliation associated with the incident and the pain and suffering you experienced.

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