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When You Can't Work Because Of Injuries You Sustained In An Accident.

Financial devastation. My clients depend on a steady stream of income not just to live on and support themselves but to continue to fulfill their obligations to themselves, to their families, to landlords, mortgage holders, school loans, credit cards, etc. Often they cannot work as the result of their injuries or they work against medical advice simply because they feel they must. 

If they don't have savings or other financial cushion I know that it's crucial that I as their attorney obtain every dollar they're entitled to as quickly as possible.

 For example, in motor vehicle cases this means ascertaining the possible existence of 1st party wage loss coverage. It means insisting that my clients receive their total gross lost wages, not just their net (after tax) lost wages. Justice requires that wrongdoers (negligent parties) be held accountable for all damages not just past and present lost wages but future lost wages and loss of future earning capacity as well.

 If you have lost income due to injuries contact me, Paul Weber. I know how vitally important it is to your security and your family's security to restore and maintain your income lost or interrupted due to the negligence of someone legally responsible to you for your damages.