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Bucks County firm pursues relief for clients hurt in crashes with big rigs

In a Bucks County truck accident, the success of an injury lawsuit depends heavily not only on the merits of the case, but also your attorney’s knowledge of the federal and Pennsylvania laws governing these cases. Located in Langhorne, the Law Offices of Paul R. Weber provides skillful representation to victims of collisions with commercial vehicles. Our firm combines a thorough understanding of the types of accidents associated with big rigs, such as jackknifes and underrides, with the determination necessary to win favorable settlements for victims. 

Common injuries linked to trucking accidents in Langhorne, PA

Due to their size and weight, a crash involving a semi-truck or some other commercial vehicle is more likely to cause severe injuries than auto accidents between two personal vehicles. Our personal injury firm is an established advocate for collision victims who have suffered substantial harm, such as:

  • Head/brain and neck injuries
  • Loss of vision, hearing or other body function
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Disfigurement
  • Severe burns

In the event that you are a family member of someone who passed away following a fatal truck accident, we offer comprehensive advice and advocacy in wrongful death claims.

Can a trucking company be held liable for a truck driver’s negligence?

Passenger vehicles are almost always driven by their owners, but the person behind the wheel of a big rig might be an employee of the trucking company that owns the vehicle. If a commercial vehicle operator’s carelessness led to an accident, the business that hired them could be held legally responsible for damages, particularly if the driver lacked the proper license or wasn’t properly trained.

Various types of accident causes might be traced to an employer or a company that contracted with the truck driver, such as:

  • Speeding — Trucks are frequently required to obey special speed limits for a reason. Controlling a vehicle that weighs several tons can be a cumbersome process, particularly at high speeds.
  • Fatigue — A commercial vehicle operator might feel pressure to drop off their cargo by a certain deadline or to get home after a long day on the road. Strict rules exist regarding driver rest to avert crashes caused by driver fatigue. However, drowsy driving remains a contributing factor in many crashes.
  • Impaired operation — Another law that governs the operation of large trucks creates a tougher intoxication standard. Operators of commercial vehicles are considered to be legally impaired if their blood-alcohol concentration is .04 percent or higher. Someone who takes substances to remain awake while driving might also present a risk.

Given the potentially high damage amounts and the reluctance of businesses and their insurers to provide a fair settlement, truck accident litigation can be long and tough. No matter who the opponents might be, we don’t back down and aggressively litigate claims so that the people we represent can move forward successfully after such a traumatic event.

Can multiple parties share liability for a truck accident?

Sometimes, several different parties share responsibility for a serous truck accident. Our firm looks beyond the police report and superficial information to identify each potential defendant. Along with a careless vehicle operator, factors in a crash could include excessive or insecure loading, defective parts, worn out brakes, old tires and malfunctioning computer systems. One place to start when conducting a truck accident investigation is with the rig’s electronic data recorder. That information, combined with physical and witness evidence, could be pivotal in pinpointing liable individuals and businesses.

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