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Bucks County attorney seeks compensation when riders are hit by cars

Motorcycle operators, like others on the road, must be diligent about common risks, such as rear-end accidents, hazardous weather conditions and drunk drivers. However, the effects of even a slight collision can be much more threatening for bikers. In 2020, more than 160 Pennsylvania motorcycle riders died, with another 2,600 suffering significant injuries. At the Law Offices of Paul R. Weber, located in Langhorne, our attorney is a proven litigator who is familiar with the particular factors that lead to collisions between motorcycles and larger vehicles. Our firm represents injured bikers and takes on careless drivers and their insurance companies to win a measure of justice for injured clients. 

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Drawing on decades of experience delivering strong results to the victims of auto accidents and other types of vehicle collisions, Attorney Paul Weber is well versed in the common causes of motorcycle accidents, such as:

  • Driver inattention and visibility problems — Often, someone behind the wheel of a car or truck is not expecting a smaller vehicle to be on the road. This danger increases when the driver’s focus is compromised by a distraction such as eating or talking on the phone.
  • Opening car doors — Many motorists fail to check rear-view or side mirrors when exiting their vehicles, opening their car doors directly into the path of passing motorcyclists. The biker might be injured because he or she either hits the open door or crashes while trying to avoid it.
  • Aggressive and impaired driving — Someone who is speeding or has had too much to drink requires extra reaction time that can be particularly dangerous when they’re sharing the road with a motorcycle. Sudden moves or a refusal to signal can also prompt a collision.
  • Weather and road conditions — Motorcyclists must be extremely vigilant about road debris, broken pavement, icy surfaces and slick patches caused by rain and poor drainage. As a motorcyclist’s path is usually in the center of a traffic lane, they might face more obstacles because debris tends to settle outside of and between the path of car and truck tires.

Pennsylvania law only gives personal injury victims two years to file their claim, and the longer you wait, the more difficult it might be to collect needed evidence.

Skillful litigator works to determine who is at fault for motorcycle crashes

In many vehicle crash cases, the people involved disagree over who is at fault, and the biases that some drivers hold against motorcycle riders might affect their perception. When warranted, our firm uses the services of qualified investigators and accident reconstruction specialists to recreate the scene and analyze key evidence. Sometimes, the actions of a different vehicle or something on the road will force the biker to take evasive measures that lead to a crash. Liability might also be traced to a problem with a car, truck, motorcycle or any part used in one of those vehicles.

What type of compensation can I receive?

For decades, our firm has been committed to securing the largest possible financial recoveries for injured motorcycle riders and other personal injury plaintiffs. During negotiations and litigation, Attorney Paul Weber aggressively advocates for a result that compensates clients for:

  • Present and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and work benefits
  • Permanent disfigurement and/or loss of bodily function
  • Payments made to repair a damaged bike
  • Out-of-pocket expenses such as rehabilitation costs and transportation to medical appointments
  • Pain and suffering stemming from the accident
  • Embarrassment associated with the crash and resulting medical conditions
  • Loss of pleasure linked to the injury suffered in the collision

We have years of experience representing motorcyclists injured on Pennsylvania roadways, including the notorious Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 95. Our team draws on that background to pursue maximum payment for you through a verdict or settlement.

Langhorne firm advises on motorcycle accidents and helmet laws

Pennsylvania law requires motorcycle riders to wear a helmet if they are under 21 years old. Bikers who are older than that must continue to wear a helmet until they have two years of riding experience or have completed an approved motorcycle training course. Whether you were wearing a helmet or not at the time of your crash, you might have suffered a traumatic brain injury, even if the symptoms are not immediately apparent. We use our knowledge and experience to see that clients aren’t pushed into a settlement agreement that they will regret later.

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