Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawsuits

What types of injuries are considered for an injury lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

Any time that you are injured and another party is either partially or totally at fault for causing the accident that resulted in your injuries — and if their actions or inactions can be defined as negligence according to Pennsylvania law — your injuries likely qualify for a personal injury law suit in Pennsylvania.

Steps to take for a Pennsylvania injury lawsuit

The fundamental steps involved in Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuits:

Step one: Consult with an attorney

After medical professionals have confirmed the nature and severity of your injuries and make a prognosis for your recovery, you can begin work on your Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuit by meeting with one of our Pennsylvania personal injury law suit attorneys to get a no-cost consultation to evaluate your case.

Step two: Decide the best litigation course of action

Your circumstances dictate the exact direction your attorney takes to determine the best way to litigate your case. We examine your claim and provide you options on the best way to proceed with your litigation claim.

We may recommend settlements, arbitration or mediation instead of a lawsuit. Any time you can resolve your claim without going to court, you potentially save cost and time and reduce much stress.

Step three: Seek a fair out-of-court resolution

When the decision is made that filing a lawsuit is the right option for your situation, our first step is to try to negotiate a reasonable personal injury settlement from the defendant’s attorney and then file the legal complaint. Usually, a settlement agreement is reached and the case does not go to court.

Step four: Take the defendant to court

If the defendant does not offer a reasonable out-of-court settlement, we take your claim to trial, where we present the facts of your claim, which include—

  • What happened
  • What injuries and costs you suffered
  • How the defendant is at fault for the injuries
  • How the law holds the defendant or defendants liable for the damages.

The court then makes a judgment about who is responsible and how much compensation you should be awarded.

Paul R. Weber can help with your Pennsylvania lawsuit

Our lawyers use a team of professional investigators, accident reconstruction specialists, referral and outside counsel to best prepare, prove, and win your case. Please contact the Law Offices of Paul R. Weber, an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney, today at 215-752-7676 for a free consultation.

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