Personal Injury Laws in Pennsylvania

One continual challenge for any Pennsylvania injury law firm is the ever-evolving state of Pennsylvania personal injury law. This is a key reason for choosing a firm that is significantly or wholly dedicated to the practice of personal injury law in Pennsylvania. Such a firm is better positioned to understand—

  • How new federal or Pennsylvania personal injury laws can benefit or threaten your case
  • How to use their knowledge of court decisions in personal injury cases to be persuasive in negotiating settlements or winning over judges and juries

So, having a firm practiced and proven in injury law is key to improving your odds of a positive outcome. An equally important key is working with a Pennsylvania firm. Some firms practicing law in Pennsylvania are out-of-state or even national firms.

But since most of the rules and statutes affecting your personal injury case are particular to Pennsylvania, working with the PA personal injury firm of Paul R. Weber, Attorney at Law assures that your lawyer knows state tort laws.

Recent Changes to Injury Law in Pennsylvania

Here are a few examples of new or revised laws that have changed the way civil suit attorneys practice law in our state in the past ten years.

MCARE tort reform

There are attempts by a state's legislators to improve the legal process of lawsuits. One goal is to prevent lawsuit abuse or reduce the cost of liability insurance. In 2002, Pennsylvania launched the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Act — often abbreviated as simply MCARE. MCARE's effect on PA tort law included—

  • Lowering mandatory insurance coverage limits for certain doctors
  • Establishing a fund for damage awards to supplement medical malpractice insurance
  • Capping punitive damages and other recoveries received by a plaintiff in a personal injury case

PA supreme court tort reform

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court enacted rules requiring a personal injury plaintiff to get a certificate of merit to validate the severity of injuries or conditions before being allowed to go forward with a medical malpractice claim.

Paul R. Weber understands personal injury laws in Pennsylvania

As personal injury laws in Pennsylvania continue to change the form and function of injury litigation, make sure that you align yourself with a firm with a deep knowledge of Pennsylvania personal injury laws — new and existing. Paul R. Weber, Attorney at Law uses a team of professional investigators, accident reconstruction specialists, referral and outside counsel to best prepare, prove, and win your case.

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