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Looking back on 2012, I was pleased to see increasing attention in the public media to the problem of medical mistakes.  In particular, a study by the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Hospital on “never events” was widely reported.  “Never events” are the kind of medical mistakes which should never happen, such as: Operating on the […]


I am gratified that so many of my clients have recommended me to their family and friends.  It continues to be a privilege to represent injured parties in serious injury and death claims arising out of accidents or negligence.  I am writing to remind you to please be alert this joyous but busy Holiday Season. […]

Accident Prevention

The leading cause of injury in the United States is not car accidents but falls. Car accidents are #4 according to the National Center for Health Statistics (as for the leading cause of death, that depends on how old you are – for people under 45 accidents, not illnesses, are the leading cause of death). […]

Medication Errors

Do you look at prescription medication before you take it? Do you check the description to make sure it matches what you’re supposed to be taking? Do you check to make sure the pharmacy’s instructions for taking the medicine match your doctor’s? By and large, pharmacists do an excellent job dispensing medication accurately as ordered […]

Liability Waivers and Disclaimers

Suppose you drive all day up to the ski lodge and they want you to sign something before you can go skiing that says the ski resort is not liable if you get hurt?  Suppose your 14 year old daughter gets a bad infection after getting her ear pierced by a dirty needle at the […]

Emotional Distress

A 17 year old is walking home from church with his father when a drunk driver runs him over.  The 17 year old is killed instantly, the father is untouched.  Should the father be able to recover for his “emotional distress” even though he wasn’t physically injured?   The insurance company said that its policy only […]

How Do They Decide How Much My Case is Worth?

Generally speaking, the value of your case is determined by how much medical care you need, how long your medical care takes, how your injuries have affected your personal life, your ability to work and your activities.  Many insurance companies use sophisticated computer programs to analyze medical data, jury verdicts and other information in order […]

Phillies Injuries

The first pitch of the Phillies home opener at beautiful Citizen’s Bank Park is scheduled to be thrown at 1:05 pm on Monday, April 9.  The opponent will be the Florida Marlins.  The official depth chart may show Chase Utley and Ryan Howard starting on the right side of the infield, but the tendons of […]

Cell Phone Use While Driving

The Secretary of Transportation for the US government, Ray LaHood, has weighed in on cell phone use.  The U.S. Department of Transportation has decreed (by Rule) that interstate truck and bus drivers are prohibited from using cell phones.  He was quoted as saying, “when drivers of large trucks, buses and hazardous materials take their eyes […]

Can You Sue a Tree?

Well…. you can’t!  But just because you can’t doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call an injury attorney if you or a loved one are injured because of a falling tree or tree branch! One man recently won a million dollars ($1,000,000) when a tree fell and landed on his truck resulting in a serious neck injury.  […]


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