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The Pennsylvania State Senate and the "Fair Share" Bill

I stand up for accident victims.  I try to make sure that when someone has made a mistake and seriously injured someone else that they are held accountable by being made to pay fair compensation (usually through their insurance company).  In addition to helping innocent people who have been hurt, this deters people from being careless. 

The legal principal of providing of justice for accident victims has been the law in the United States for hundreds of years and I am proud to enforce it. 

The insurance industry, and its advocates in the business community and in government oppose this legal principal.  Every so often they introduce legislation designed to curtail people's rights to be treated fairly and the corresponding effort to hold people accountable for the consequences of their conduct. 

The Pennsylvania state senate is considering such a bill right now.  The insurance companies have cynically called it the "Fair Share" bill but its design and purpose is anything but fair.  I urge you to read up on this complicated bill and contact your State Senator and tell him to vote "NO" on the very unfair "Fair Share" bill. 
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