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Subrogation Liens

It didn't get as much attention as the recent Defense of Marriage Act decision or the Voting Rights Act decision, but the US Supreme Court quietly made an important decision in another recent case would have the potential to diminish the amount of money accident victims receive from their settlements if I weren't fighting for my client's' rights. 

I represent injured people in claims against those who caused their injury.  I fight for them. One of the claims I must sometimes make is a claim based on my client's obligation to repay the health insurance company for any medical bills it paid related to the accident. 

Health insurance companies often want to be paid in full before the injured person receives any money at all. I fight them on this. I have seen health insurance companies try to claim the entire settlement. 

If I don't fight for my clients, the health insurance companies will take unfair advantage. The US Supreme Court recently gave them a little boost. 

If you or a loved one has been hurt call Paul Weber.  I will protect your rights and fight for justice for you.