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"Spring Training" Injuries

Spring training! This promises to be a year to remember for Phillies fans.  Four of the top pitchers in the entire league are all on the same staff - ours!  But watch out for those "spring training" injuries! 

Whether it's the Grapefruit League or the Cactus League, after a long cold winter, some players will always run, hit or throw without proper warm-up, pulling hamstrings, injuring shoulders and straining knees simply due to failure to take proper preventive measures - warming up and stretching out. 

The same thing is true in the workplace and on the roads.  People do get hurt in preventable accidents.

Always wear the proper protective gear at work, follow all safety instructions on equipment and report any unsafe conditions.  On the road, keep your eyes open and be prepared for any dangerous drivers.  Remember, many auto accidents are caused not by what you do but by what the other driver does.

So enjoy the season, it looks like a good one, but be careful out there.  Be prepared and be safe! 

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