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Accident Prevention

The leading cause of injury in the United States is not car accidents but falls

Car accidents are #4 according to the National Center for Health Statistics (as for the leading cause of death, that depends on how old you are - for people under 45 accidents, not illnesses, are the leading cause of death). 

Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of medical care is spent every year on treatment of injuries sustained in accidents and yet precious little money is spent on injury prevention.  For example, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), for the year 2011, $3.8 billion was spent on research into infectious diseases, $3 billion on HIV/AIDS, $3.5 billion on behavior/social science but only $356 million on injury research! 

What is being done?  There is a US government agency under the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) called the "National Center for Injury Prevention and Control" whose mission is to provide leadership in preventing and controlling injuries.  For information about how to prevent injuries for yourself and your loved ones click on one of the topics on their website. 

If it's too late, if you or a loved one has already suffered an injury, call experienced injury lawyer Paul R. Weber. 

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