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A Recent $21,573,993 Jury Verdict in a Malpractice Case

Did you know that a jury recently awarded $21,573,993 to a four(4) year old boy, one of the largest verdicts of the year?  Why?  Was this another case of the jury system run amok? 

In November 2006, a woman went into the hospital expecting to deliver twins, a boy and a girl.  The girl came out fine but the boy had been deprived of oxygen during delivery so that he developed cerebral palsy.  It seems the hospital staff forgot that there were two little people in there and did nothing when they detected only one heartbeat on the monitor instead of two.  As a result, today, the boy, not yet 5 years old, cannot speak.  He must be fed through a tube.  He will require expensive medical care the rest of his life. 

At trial, the hospital was found to be 100% negligent; in other words, the mother had done nothing wrong at all.  She had simply followed doctor's orders throughout her labor and delivery, as any mother would.  However, because the hospital staff had failed to realize the fetal monitor was showing that the boy's heart rate was plummeting, there was a fateful delay in doing a C-section.  The fetus was deprived of oxygen and a boy's life was ruined. 

We have some of the finest medical care in the world.  Most hospitals and doctors do their work well.  Sometimes bad things do happen despite the best of care.  But mistakes can also be the cause of catastrophic problems.  Even doctors and nurses can be tired or careless or inattentive.  A medical malpractice attorney can help. 

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