Traffic Fatalities going down

The good news is that the number of fatalities (deaths) from motor vehicle accidents continues to go down in the United States. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for injuries.

The following table shows that in 2011, as compared to 1971, there were 1/3 less fatalities in the country although there were 1/3 more people driving and they drove almost three times as many miles.

197152,542207,660,6771,178 billion
198149,301229,465,7141,552 billion
199141,508252,153,0922,172 billion
200142,196285,226,2842,797 billion
201132,367311,591,9172,946 billion

These statistics are encouraging. Credit should be given to our car manufacturers and designers, roadway and signage contractors and many others. Far, far too many people die on our highways, of course, but at least we are moving in the right direction and I hope we continue to do so. Unfortunately, the injury trend lines are not showing this kind of improvement.

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