Motorcycle Accidents in Bucks County

Perhaps it need not be stated that motorcycling can be dangerous.  But these statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) demonstrate just how dangerous:

  • More than 5,000 U.S. traffic accidents in 2007 resulted in the death of motorcyclists, up seven percent from the previous year.
  • More than 103,000 motorcyclists were injured in that same year.
  • Motorcycles represent roughly three percent of all registered U.S. vehicles, yet motorcyclists are involved in roughly 13 percent of traffic deaths.
  • Fatal motorcycle crashes often result from speeding.  In 2007, 36 percent of speeding-related motorist fatalities involved motorcyclists (passenger cars accounted for 24 percent, small trucks for 19 percent, and large trucks for eight percent).
  • Wearing helmets reduces motorcyclists’ risk of fatal injury by 37 percent.
  • Helmet usage in 2007 saved the lives of an estimated 1,784 motorcyclists.
  • For each mile traveled in 2006, motorcyclists were nearly 35 times more likely to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash than passenger car occupants.

Avoiding motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists seeking to avoid accidents should follow these tips.

Avoid the blind spot

Stay out of the car’s blind spot—the sides and right-rear or left-rear of the car.  These perimeter spots cannot be easily seen from the rearview mirrors.  The relatively small size of a motorcycle makes you even harder for them to notice.

Do not ride between lanes

For safety, do not use the space between freeway lanes to get past slow traffic, even though doing so is legal in some states.  The speed differential between you and slower-moving cars can put your bike beyond the car drivers’ field of view when they look in their rearview mirrors, not realizing that your motorcycle interferes with their lane change.

Use your helmet

Today, less than half of the states in our country mandate helmet usage by all motorcyclists.  In spite of the known risks, many motorcyclists take the option to ride without a helmet.

Signal before lane switching

Too often motorcyclists move from one freeway lane to the next without signaling their intentions.  Since motorcyclists are the smallest vehicles on the road, they are hard to spot.  Avoid being a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident statistic by always signaling lane switches.

Brake cautiously

Motorcycles are lighter in weight and can stop faster than cars or trucks.  Braking more quickly than vehicles close behind you can brake is a recipe for an accident.

Contact Experienced Bucks County motorcycle accident lawyers

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