How Do They Decide How Much My Case is Worth?

Generally speaking, the value of your case is determined by how much medical care you need, how long your medical care takes, how your injuries have affected your personal life, your ability to work and your activities.  Many insurance companies use sophisticated computer programs to analyze medical data, jury verdicts and other information in order to calculate a range of values for your case.  Some insurance companies rely on their computer programs exclusively; others rely on their experience in similar cases over the years.  Many use a combination of these approaches.  “Colossus” is the name of one of the computer programs in common use.

No matter how much the insurance industry tries to de-personalize the process, every case is different just as each person is different.  This is true for neck and back injuries such as herniated discs, bulging discs, etc. as well as other types of injuries.  For example in a car accident, one person may be sitting up straight at the time of impact, another person might have his head or body turned.  One person may be caught unawares, another person may be tensed for impact.  One person may have a history of manageable back problems before the accident that they could live with (and work with), another person may have had no previous problems.

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