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18 Wheeler, Semi Truck, and Tractor Trailer Accident Attorneys in Bucks County

Types of truck accidents and how they happen

As an 18 wheeler accident attorney in Bucks County, Paul Weber has extensive experience with many kinds of accidents involving trucks.  Litigation for each unique type of truck accident requires a unique approach to the accident forensics and analysis.  Your case benefits when you have an attorney that has worked these kinds of cases before.

Here are some of the types of Bucks County 18 wheeler accidents that often occur and that often require litigation by a Bucks County semi truck accident lawyer.


This common form of truck accident occurs when the driver tries to slow his rig but the weight of the heavier trailer pushes into his cab.  This causes the driver to lose control and often end up with his cab facing backward as the truck continues forward.

This happened in February 2010 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, resulting in a late-night multi-vehicle crash with injuries. Due to icy conditions a chain reaction accident began when the 18 wheeler slid and jackknifed.  Trucks and cars following failed in their attempt to brake, crashing into each other. Ultimately, this one jackknifing crash involved five tractor trailer trucks and eight other vehicles.  The Bucks County stretch of I-95 is another common source of truck accidents.

Rear-end collisions

Big rigs require considerably more distance to stop than cars do.  Consequently, many Bucks County semi truck accidents occur when the traffic ahead slows and the truck is unable to do so as fast.  These types of collisions often result in horrific injuries, such as paralysis or decapitation because the massive force of the truck crushes or rolls over cars in its path.

In the accident described above, which started with a jackknifing incident, four more out-of-control trucks rear-ended into the other vehicles—a testament to the difficulty stopping the forward momentum of big rigs in time to avoid a collision.

Truck/bicycle crashes

Because of the massive size of a truck compared to smaller vehicles, trucks have been known to cause an accident without even realizing that it happened because the force of the crash had little or no impact on the truck.

A sad example of this is the March 2010 death of a 14-year-old bicyclist in Wilkes-Barre at the hands of a big rig operator who did not stop at the scene of the accident because, as it was later determined when police located the trucker, the driver kept going because he had no idea that there was an accident, much less that he was involved!

In this accident, the truck collision crushed the bike and threw the teenager to the pavement.  The impact was enough to kill the boy and permanently alter the life of his family.  And yet, as is often the case in these kinds of accidents, the truck driver is unaffected, or even unaware.

If you have been involved—how we can help





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The best way to avoid an 18 wheeler accident in Bucks County is to give plenty of berth to trucks.  But if it is too late—if you are now the victim of a Bucks County 18 wheeler accident—then now is the time to contact an experienced tractor trailer accident lawyer in Bucks County, which you will find at the law offices of Paul R. Weber.  Contact us today to talk with an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Bucks County or call 888-894-1699 for a free consultation.



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