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Motorcyclists face a host of roadway dangers that do not affect other vehicles.  Motorcycle accidents often cause serious, even fatal, injuries to its passengers and operators.  The kinds of serious injuries we see in Bucks County motorcycle accidents include—

  • Brain injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Fractures
  • Major abrasions
  • Knee injuries
  • Crushing injuries
  • Wrongful death

Unique concerns of motorcyclists

Motorcycle operators, like all motorists, must be diligent against common driving risks, such as rear-end accidents, hazardous weather conditions, and DUI motorists.  But motorcyclists have considerably more to watch out for in order to survive on our roads.

Lack of protection

A biker is fully exposed in a crash, unprotected by seat belts, air bags, crush zones, or firewall.  By comparison to other types of motorists, the motorcyclist is fully vulnerable to the impact of the accident.

Maneuverability challenges

Not only is a biker exposed and vulnerable in a crash, but the motorcycle itself lacks the operational stability of a car.  Just about the only maneuverability advantage a motorcycle affords—a shorter stopping distance—is itself a dangerous characteristic, as many bikers are rear-ended by other vehicles unable to stop as fast.

Opening car doors

Many motorists fail to check rear view or side mirrors when exiting their vehicles, opening their car doors directly into the path of passing motorcyclists. The motorcyclist often has no time to swerve, hitting the open door and flying over his motorcycle.

Road debris hazards

Motorcyclists must be hyper-vigilant to common road debris, broken pavement, or slick patches to keep control.  Because the motorcyclist’s path is usually the center of a traffic lane, road debris is a more frequent threat, since the debris tends to settle outside of and between the path of car and truck tires.

Vulnerability of the vehicle

Because a motorcycle often has only two wheels, instead of the four or more that cars and trucks have, the smallest of debris, the smallest of slick spots or wind gusts is often enough to wreck a motorcycle.

Vulnerability of the motorcyclist

The injuries suffered by motorcyclists are more severe than those of other motorists.  Therefore, the chance of death is higher, the hospitalization and recuperation expenses are greater, and the recovery time is longer.

Visibility to distracted drivers

Our motorcycle injury clients often tell us, "The driver never even saw me!"  Psychologically, most drivers are looking for other cars or trucks when they check their mirrors before shifting lanes.  As a result, it is frightfully common for a driver to seemingly look right through the motorcyclist, not seeing the motorcycle at all.  Even worse is a car or truck driver distracted by eating or talking on the phone.  They are less likely to notice a motorcycle and swerve right into it or cut it off.

Bucks County motorcycle accident attorneys

The law firm of Paul R. Weber has skilled motorcycle accident lawyers.  In Bucks County, we have years of experience litigating on behalf of motorcyclists injured on Pennsylvania roadways, including the notorious Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 95.  We have proven experience in handling the personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from Bucks County motorcycle accidents.  Our team works to get you everything you deserve as the case for your motorcycle accident in Bucks County proceeds.

Contact us today or call 888-894-1699 for a free consultation to consult with an experienced Bucks County motorcycle accident attorney at the law offices of Paul. R. Weber.


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