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What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is an area of tort law that deals with the negligence of one or more parties resulting in the injury or illness of a plaintiff who then files a claim to recover damages.

To further clarify the business of personal injury lawsuits, as practiced by Paul R. Weber, Bucks County injury attorney, we broke it down and defined the elements that join together to form a personal injury lawsuit.

Element #1—A person is injured

A personal injury lawsuit begins with an injury, illness, or death.  A person (or a group of people, as in the case of a major incident in which an entire family was injured or in the case of a class-action lawsuit) has suffered an injury that results in, at the least, physical harm.  As well, the injury often results in emotional, psychological, and financial trauma or loss, exacerbating the suffering.  In a personal injury lawsuit, this individual or group of individuals is called the plaintiff.

Element #2—The injured party was a victim

An injury may become a personal injury legal matter if someone else was involved in the cause of the injury such that, if that other person or entity had not acted (or failed to act) in the way that they did, the personal injury would not have occurred.  In other words, the injured party is a victim of these actions or inactions by another party.

Element #3—Negligence occurred

To have a personal injury legal case, your attorney must do more than prove that the actions or inactions of another led to your injury and suffering.  Those actions must also be considered negligent behavior.  Negligence is the failure to take reasonable care to avoid causing injury or loss to another person.  If the actions of the person or entity causing the injury can be deemed negligence, then you have a legitimate personal injury case that a qualified injury lawyer in Bucks County would likely litigate on your behalf.

Bucks County Injury Attorneys

If you are still unclear if your injuries from a Bucks County incident or accident qualify for representation in a personal injury lawsuit, you should speak to an injury attorney in Bucks County to be sure.  Bucks County injury lawyer Paul Weber has represented thousands of Bucks County injury victims and has won millions of dollars in settlements and awards for his Pennsylvania clients.

When you suffer a personal injury in Bucks County, seek the counsel of experienced injury attorneys. To inquire about legal help with your Pennsylvania injuries, contact the law firm of Paul R. Weber or call 888-894-1699 for a free consultation. Located in Langhorne, the firm serves clients throughout Bucks County including in Levittown, Morrisville, Bensalem and surrounding areas.



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